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Yuasa embarks on new chapter with Repsol Honda Team for 2024 MotoGP™ season

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GS Yuasa Batteries

GS Yuasa, OE manufacturer to all of the world’s top bike brands, has proudly announced the continuation of its dynamic partnership with the Repsol Honda Team for the eagerly anticipated 2024 MotoGP season. This partnership, which has surpassed a decade, not only celebrates GS Yuasa’s commitment to excellence but also marks a new era with the introduction of Joan Mir and Luca Marini as the team’s riders.

Joan Mir, a former MotoGP World Champion, and Luca Marini, celebrated for his racing pedigree and remarkable achievements in Moto2™, are set to infuse the Repsol Honda Team with their blend of experience and youthful ambition. Mir’s tactical prowess and Marini’s relentless pursuit of performance exemplify the qualities that GS Yuasa stands for: quality, performance and reliability. Together, they represent a formidable force on the track, embodying the spirit of champions.

Since its alliance began with the Repsol Honda Team, GS Yuasa has not only witnessed but also contributed to the team’s legacy of success, underscored by six constructors’ and riders’ titles. The 2024 season is poised to be a canvas for this continued collaboration, with Mir and Marini steering the narrative towards new heights of achievement.


Repsol Honda Team for 2024 MotoGP

GS Yuasa takes this opportunity to further showcase its Yuasa brand through the partnership, underlining the mutual relationship between the cutting-edge technology of MotoGP™ and Yuasa’s industry-leading battery solutions. Yuasa batteries, including the acclaimed YTX®, YTZ®, and GYZ® series, are celebrated for setting the benchmark in the motorcycle industry, offering unparalleled quality, reliability, and performance. All major motorcycle manufacturers globally factory fit Yuasa batteries as Original Equipment; a testament to their exceptional starting power, durability, and resistance to extreme conditions.

Theo den Hoed, Product Manager – Motorcycle Batteries at GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd., shared his enthusiasm: “Renewing our partnership with the Repsol Honda Team, especially with talents like Joan Mir and Luca Marini on board, is a proud moment for us. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our brand’s presence in MotoGP, showcasing the pinnacle of battery performance through the Yuasa brand.”

Jon Pritchard, Sales & Marketing Director at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd., echoed this sentiment: “Our longstanding relationship with the Repsol Honda Team has been instrumental in elevating the Yuasa brand. It’s a partnership that reflects our shared commitment to excellence and innovation. As we move into the 2024 season, we’re excited to support the team and our new riders, showcasing the power of Yuasa batteries on the global stage.”

As the Repsol Honda Team gears up, anticipation for the MotoGP World Championship grows. GS Yuasa stands ready to power this new chapter, supporting Joan Mir, Luca Marini, and the entire Repsol Honda Team towards victory.

 For more information about GS Yuasa and its comprehensive range of motorcycle batteries, please click here.

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