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Wiper Blade FAQs

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What are wipers on a car?

Wiper blades have the important role of keeping your cars windshield clear from any water, screen wash or any other debris, so that you can maintain good visibility.

How often should you change wipers?

As a rough guide, they should be changed once a year, more often in colder climates. If they are squeaking, leaving streak marks, the rubber is wearing and cracking or if there is any other visible damage, then they may need to be replaced sooner.

Can I replace my own windshield wipers?

Most of the time this should be a relatively easy procedure that doesn’t require any tools. It should be as simple as raising the wiper arms up, to allow easy access to the blades, followed by unclipping the blades (there are a variety of different types of clips) and clipping the new wipers back in place.

Which wiper blades are best?

The top wipers, rated by the motoring magazine Auto Express in 2022 are Bosch, followed by Valeo. best-wiper-blades-2022

Is there a benefit to getting premium wipers?

Premium wipers will be better fitted to the shape of your windscreen, providing better contact for less streaks and noise

How much does it cost for wipers?

Wipers can cost anything between £5 and £20 for a single or £15 to £40 for a set, depending on brand, size and quality. If you enter your vehicle’s registration into our website, multiple options should be made available to you.

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