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Winter Car Care: Essential Maintenance Tips and Parts

Winter Car Care Essentials

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6 top essential car maintenance tips

As winter approaches, it’s crucial to ensure your car is prepared to handle the challenges of cold weather, icy roads and adverse driving conditions. Automotive Parts Distribution (APD) understands the importance of winter car care, and we’re here to help you with essential maintenance tips and the right parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely during the winter months. In this blog post, we’ll explore key maintenance tasks and recommended parts to protect your car and enhance its winter performance.

1. Battery Health

Cold temperatures can reduce your car’s battery performance. Start by checking the battery’s charge level and inspecting its terminals for any corrosion. If the battery is more than a few years old or shows signs of weakness, consider replacing it with a high-quality battery from APD to ensure reliable starting in cold conditions.

2. Tyres and Traction 

Proper tyre maintenance is crucial for winter safety. Check your tyre pressure regularly, as cold temperatures can cause pressure fluctuations. Consider switching to winter tyres for enhanced traction on icy or snowy roads. If winter tyres aren’t necessary, ensure your current tyres have adequate tread depth for optimal grip.

3. Wiper Blades and Fluid

Good visibility is essential in winter weather. Replace worn-out wiper blades with high-quality Bosch or Valeo wiper blades that are specifically designed for clearing ice and snow. Additionally, top up your windshield washer fluid with a winter formula that contains antifreeze properties to prevent freezing. APD stocks a range of wiper blades and winter screen wash to maintain excellent visibility during winter driving.

4. Antifreeze and Coolant

Check your car’s antifreeze and coolant levels to prevent the engine from freezing or overheating. Ensure the coolant mixture is appropriate for winter conditions, typically a 50/50 ratio of antifreeze to water. APD offers a selection of high-quality antifreeze and coolants suitable for various car makes and models.

5. Winter Car Care Kit

Prepare a winter car care kit to keep in your vehicle. Include essentials such as an ice scraper, snow brush, de-icer spray, a shovel and a portable jump starter. APD offers a range of winter car care accessories to help you stay prepared for any winter driving situation.

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6. Lights and Visibility

Check that all exterior lights are in working order, including headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicators. Ensure they are clean and free from snow and ice for optimal visibility. If needed, replace any bulbs that have burned out. APD offers a variety of high-quality replacement bulbs to keep your lights shining brightly throughout winter.


Winter car care is essential to ensure your vehicle performs reliably and safely during the colder months. Automotive Parts Distribution (APD) is your trusted partner in providing the necessary maintenance tips and high-quality parts for winter car care. From batteries, tyres and wiper blades to antifreeze, winter car care kits and replacement bulbs, APD has you covered. Visit our website at to explore our wide range of products and prepare your car for a safe and enjoyable winter driving experience. With APD, you can tackle winter with confidence and keep your car in excellent condition throughout the season.

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