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What are the Different Types of Yuasa Car Batteries?

Types of Yuasa Car Batteries

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Yuasa produces a large range of OE-quality automotive batteries, ranging from the YBX1000 – YBX9000 series, each built for its own purpose. Yuasa also has specialist batteries that are designed for use in other motorised vehicles, such as their leisure battery, used in caravans or motorhomes and the marine battery used in marine vehicles.

Yuasa Car Battery Range Explained

The Yuasa YBX range of automotive batteries are all designed and made to OE quality, performance and specification. They are maintenance-free and include safety features such as an integrated flame arrestor and a very handy carry handle. Buy Yuasa Batteries online.

Yuasa YBX1000 CaCa – Basic Power Demand Vehicles

For smaller, less demanding vehicles, the YBX1000 series still provides up to 20,000 engine starts.

Yuasa YBX3000 SMF – Standard Battery Range

The most common series of battery from Yuasa is suitable for most vehicles with standard power demands and has extra plates for a higher starting power when compared to other equivalent batteries. This is rated at around 30,000 engine starts.

Yuasa YBX5000 SMF – High-Performance Battery Range

The YBX5000 series is the more premium high-performance range that would be the ideal choice for vehicles with a higher demand or when used in cold weather. This superior battery series features maximum plates for it’s higher starting power and up to 50,000 engine starts.

Yuasa YBX7000 EFB – Start/Stop Battery Range

The recommended choice for vehicles that make lots of regular short journeys, the YBX7000 is engineered for vehicles with start-stop technology. It has a lithium carbon additive for improved performance and charging capabilities and can provide up to 270,000 engine starts.

Enhance Flooded Batteries, AKA EFB, are a cost effective solution for entry level start-stop vehicles. They are an enhanced version of a standard battery providing improved charge acceptance and a greater cycle durability when operating at a reduced level of charge.

Yuasa YBX9000 AGM – Premium Stop/Start Batteries

The premium start-stop tech battery designed and produced by Yuasa is used for vehicles with a much higher power demand, has regenerative braking and energy recovery and is rated at about 360,000 engine starts.

AGM batteries (Absorbant Glass Mat) have a very fine fibreglass mat which absorbs the sulphuric acid in the battery, making it spill-proof. AGM batteries can have up to 5 times the cycle life, can charge up to 5 times faster than standard batteries and can deep cycle up to 80% without damaging the battery, 30% more than a conventional battery.

The full range can be found on our online store. Just enter in your reg, or ask one of our friendly staff for help if you’re unsure which battery is right for you.

More Than Just Car Batteries

Yuasa also have a wide range of batteries for many other applications including marine, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes and heavy duty industrial vehicles.

Yuasa Leisure Batteries

Caravans, motorhomes, boats and other modern leisure vehicles feature more technology and electrical appliances than ever before. YBX Active Leisure and Marine batteries are specially designed to provide dependable, stress-free power and long life. Yuasa leisure batteries are optimised for repeated charging and discharging, are built to OE quality and range up to 1380 watt-hours and 160 cycles.

Yuasa Specialist & Garden Batteries

Batteries designed for ride-on mowers, kit cars and other specialist applications. These batteries are built to resist vibrations and deep discharge damage, quick and easy to install and are fully maintenance-free.

Yuasa Marine Batteries

YBX Active Marine batteries are ideal for yachts, motor boats, sailing boats and other water craft. Specifically designed to handle the rigours of wave pounding and trailer transport, they deliver reliable starting power. They incorporate advanced design features and specialist hard-wearing components for all marine applications.

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