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Reflecting on the Year: Best Selling Car Parts and Must-Have Travel Accessories

Best Selling Car Parts and Must-Have Travel Accessories

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5 Reflections of the Driving Year

As we look back on the year, we celebrate the resilience and innovation of the automotive industry. Among the many car parts that have been in high demand, there are essential travel accessories that have proven to be game-changers for car enthusiasts. At APD Automotive, we take pride in offering top-quality car parts, and we’re thrilled to present some of the best-selling car parts of the year, alongside must-have travel accessories available on our website. Let’s embark on a journey through the year’s highlights!

1. Brake Pads Safety Meets Style

One of the best-selling car parts this year has been brake pads, emphasising the importance of maintaining a safe and reliable braking system. At APD Automotive, we understand that safety doesn’t mean compromising on style. Pair your new brake pads with sleek and practical all-weather floor mats, protecting your vehicle’s interior from dirt and debris while adding a touch of elegance to your car.

2. Air Filters: Breathe Easy on the Road

Air filters have been a popular choice for car owners who prioritise engine performance and fuel efficiency. As you keep your engine breathing smoothly, consider investing in an air purifier for your car cabin. Our selection of car air purifiers and air fresheners ensures that you and your passengers can breathe easy on every journey, providing a clean and fresh aroma within your car.

3. Spark Plugs: Igniting Adventure

Spark plugs have been flying off the shelves, fuelling the spirit of adventure for countless drivers. To complement the excitement of the road, enhance your travel experience with a portable car cooler and warmer. Whether it’s keeping your drinks chilled during summer road trips or enjoying a warm drink on a winters drive, this accessory is a must-have for any car enthusiast.

4. Wiper Blades: A Clear Vision Ahead

Wiper blades have always been a crucial car part, especially during unpredictable weather conditions. To ensure you have a clear vision ahead, we recommend investing in a high-definition dashboard camera. Capture every memorable moment of your journeys while having the added safety of recording any incidents on the road.

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5. Car Batteries: Powering Your Travels

Car batteries have undoubtedly topped the charts this year, powering every adventure and daily commute. To stay connected on the go with wireless phone chargers. Effortlessly charge your devices without the hassle of tangled cords, making sure you’re always powered up for your travels.


As we reflect on the year and the best-selling car parts, it’s clear that car enthusiasts have not only prioritised vehicle performance and safety but also sought to enhance their travel experiences. At APD Automotive, we’re proud to have served the automotive community with top-quality car parts, and we’re equally excited to offer a wide array of travel accessories that elevate all journeys.

Whether it’s safeguarding your vehicle’s interior with all-weather floor mats, breathing easy with car air fresheners, capturing memories with a dashboard camera, or staying connected with a wireless phone charger, make sure you have everything you need to make your travels unforgettable.

Thank you for choosing APD Automotive as your trusted partner in all things automotive. We look forward to fuelling your passion for driving and providing you with exceptional products that bring joy to every mile. Safe travels and happy motoring!

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