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Best Car Headlight Bulbs – For darker nights

Car with headlights - we review the different types of headlight bulbs

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Days are getting shorter, meaning the importance of having good quality, long lasting bulbs in your car is greater

Types of bulbs

There are three main types of headlight bulb. Here is some basic information to help you better understand your car and what you’re putting in it.

1. Halogen

Halogen bulbs, filled with halogen gas, which helps the bulb stay brighter for longer, is standard in most new cars. They are the cheapest option and usually easy to replace, but they aren’t as bright or last as long as LED and HID bulbs. Brands such as Osram do offer better quality upgradable halogen bulbs that are often easy to replace.

2. HID – Xenon

High-intensity discharge bulbs are filled with xenon gas – AKA xenon bulbs. There are a few reasons as to why they are an better over standard halogen bulbs such as –

  • They are brighter, meaning increased visibility on the road.
  • More energy efficient, saving you money on fuel.
  • Much more durable, with a lifespan of around 5,000 hours.
  • More choice in colour. Rather than a standard yellowish colour, they are available from pure white to blue.

3. LED

LED headlights are usually made up of a matrix of LEDs – Light Emitting Diodes – which can sometimes be controlled independently to create the best light for different road conditions. This can mean that some LED headlights are extremely pricey, but it could be a decade before they may fail you and they are more energy efficiency than both halogen and HID bulbs, so car manufacturers are using them more and more as they try to make cars as energy efficient as they can.

What type of headlight bulb is better?

Most affordable upgrade bulbs will be Halogen as there are now many variations in quality, but even better than that is to upgrade to HID.

How do I find out what headlight bulb I need?

Click the link below, enter your reg and see what we have available, or ask for our advise by phone or email.

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