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Are you fitting the right Start-Stop battery?

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Yuasa Trade Tips

A back to basics guide to Yuasa battery best practice

Fitting a battery of the correct technology and specification to a vehicle with advanced emissions reduction systems is essential.

Unlike conventional batteries which have tiered options, EFB batteries must be replaced with EFB or AGM. AGM batteries must only be replaced with AGM.

Never be tempted to fit a lower technology or specification battery to these vehicles. Doing so will not only result in massively reduced service life, but also cause the failure of vehicle systems such as Start-Stop.

Once a new battery has been fitted, many Start-Stop vehicles require reprogramming using a OBD tool to tell the vehicle a new battery has been fitted.

Finding and fitting the right battery isn’t difficult. Follow the steps below and if in doubt, get in touch. Our friendly team are available to help Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm. Just call 01793 83 99 19 or email for all the advice you need.

  1. Never rely on the battery fitted to the vehicle for information. It may have been incorrectly replaced in the past. 
  2. Use our reliable vehicle parts online lookup tool This will help you find the correct base spec battery for your vehicle. 
  3. Always fit an Original Equipment (OE) quality product like Yuasa. This way you can be sure it is the same quality as the original battery and also that it will perform as advertised on the label. 
  4. Once the new battery has been fitted, the vehicles BMS system must be reprogrammed via the OBD port. Yuasa’s Yu-Fit tool is the perfect solution for this, even if you already have an OBD diagnostics system.


Yuasa AGM Batteries

Why do EFB and AGM batteries cost more?

A conventional battery will deliver up to 50,000 starts in its lifetime whereas an EFB or AGM battery is capable of much more. Our YBX7000 EFB batteries are capable of delivering up to 270,000 starts, whereas our YBX9000 AGM batteries can deliver up to 360,000.

Start-Stop vehicles also need batteries that can handle faster charging and can perform in a more discharged state. The advanced technology and techniques needed to deliver this performance comes at an additional materials and manufacturing cost.

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