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APD Announce Partnership with Cord EV

Cord EV Charging Cables

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We are excited to announce that APD ( has partnered with Cord EV ( to bring a range of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging cables to our customers. This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable transportation and providing high-quality products to our customers. If you’re on the hunt for premium EV charging cables, then we’ve got you covered. 

Why Choose APD and Cord EV?

Opting for APD and Cord EV means choosing dependability and superior quality. Our partnership with Cord EV aligns with our goal to promote eco-friendly transportation solutions and support the expanding community of EV owners. By selecting our high-quality, guaranteed charging cables, you’re not only investing in a superior product but also contributing to a more sustainable planet. Take a look at our range of Cord EV charging cables here!

The Benefits of Choosing Cord EV’s Charging Cable

Choosing Cord EV’s charging cable offers several benefits for electric vehicle (EV) owners. Here are some key advantages;

Unmatched Quality and Durability

Cord EV is recognised for its dedication to quality and innovation. Each charging cable is meticulously crafted to adhere to the highest standards of safety and performance. Constructed with robust, weather-resistant materials, these cables are perfectly suited for the unpredictable British weather, ensuring durability and reliability in all conditions. View of the bottom of this page to see our images of the Cord EV charging cables!

Three-Year Guarantee

To emphasise our trust in the quality of these products, we offer a three-year guarantee on all Cord EV charging cables. This guarantee reflects our confidence and provides our customers with peace of mind, securing their investment in these premium cables.

Compatibility with All Electric Vehicles

Cord EV cables are compatible with every type of electric vehicle. Whether you own a compact city car or a larger SUV, our EV cables ensure that all EV owners can benefit from efficient and effective charging. We are also pleased to introduce portable chargers in our product range, catering to those who need convenient charging solutions while on the move. On the APD store, we supply 10m EV charging cables and 5m EV charging cables.

Designed for British Weather

Understanding the challenges of British weather, these cables are specifically designed to perform optimally in both wet and dry conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for EV owners across the UK, who need reliable solutions that can cope with frequent rain and variable weather.

Explore APD’s Range of Cord EV Charging Cable

Discover the difference with Cord EV’s high-quality cables, now available at APD. Step into the future of driving with confidence and ease, supported by our knowledgeable team and exceptional customer service. With free delivery over £30, you can count on APD to provide you with a high-quality service.


Blog post kindly written for APD by Paul Tomlinson, Co-Founder of Cord


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