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8 Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Air Conditioning in Top Shape

Keeping Your Car’s Air Conditioning in Top Shape

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As the summer heat kicks in, having a well-functioning air conditioning system in your car becomes necessary. Whether you’re a seasoned car owner or a newbie, our expert advice will help you keep your vehicle’s AIR CONDITIONING running smoothly, ensuring you stay cool and refreshed during your journeys.

You can implement steps to enhance your car’s air conditioning system’s cooling efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and minimise the risk of breakdowns.

1. Carry Out Regular Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning

Like any other part of your car, regular maintenance is essential for your air conditioning system. Scheduling an annual service with a qualified professional is a smart move. They can thoroughly inspect and clean various components, ensure proper refrigerant levels, and identify and fix potential issues. Regular maintenance enhances performance and extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

2. Inspecting the Air Filters

Air filters play an important role in maintaining air quality and the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Over time, they air conditioning cumulates debris and dirt, obstructing airflow and reducing their ability to cool. Regularly inspect, clean and repair air conditioning air filters as recommended by your car’s manual. APD offers a range of high-quality air filters to ensure optimal AIR CONDITIONING performance and fresh, clean air inside your car.

3. Check Your Aircon Coolant Levels

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system, responsible for cooling the circulated air. However, its levels can diminish due to leaks or evaporation. If you notice reduced cooling performance, it’s crucial to have a professional check and replenish the refrigerant levels. They can also inspect the system for any leaks and promptly address them to prevent further refrigerant loss. APD stocks top-notch refrigerants and offers expert advice to ensure your air-con runs smoothly.

4. Caring for the Condenser

The condenser, positioned at the front of your vehicle, plays a crucial role in dissipating heat from the refrigerant, allowing it to cool down and circulate as cold air. To ensure top performance, it’s important to keep the condenser clean and free from debris such as leaves, bugs, or dirt. Regularly inspect the condenser and gently remove any obstructions using a soft brush or compressed air. APD provides a range of condenser cleaning products to help you efficiently maintain your car’s air conditioning.

5. Taking Care of the Compressor

The compressor is essentially the heart of your air conditioning system, responsible for compressing and circulating the refrigerant. Running the air conditioning system at least once a week, even during colder months, is crucial to maintain its longevity. This helps lubricate the seals and prevents them from drying out, ensuring smooth operation. If you notice any unusual noises or reduced cooling performance, consult a professional for a thorough compressor inspection. APD offers a selection of high-quality compressors to guarantee optimal air conditioning system performance.

6. Choose Genuine OEM or High Quality Equivalent Parts

We stock a range of genuine OEM or selected high quality alternative air-conditioning parts which are paramount when maintaining your car’s air condition system. These parts are designed for your vehicle, ensuring compatibility, reliability, and optimum performance. At APD, we stock a wide range of genuine OEM air conditioning parts, from compressors to filters, condensers, and refrigerants. You can rest assured that your air conditioning system will operate efficiently and effectively by choosing quality parts.

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7. Getting a Re-gas of Your Air Conditioner

Over time, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system can be depleted, leading to reduced cooling performance. When you notice that your car’s air conditioning isn’t as cold as it used to be, it’s a clear sign that a re-gas is needed. This process involves replenishing the refrigerant, ensuring that your air conditioning can generate cool air effectively. While you can attempt this with some DIY re-gassing kits, APD would recommend that this task is left to a professional mechanic who can evacuate and recharge the system to manufacturer specifications. By maintaining the correct refrigerant levels, you not only keep your air-con running at its best but also contribute to fuel efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the entire system.

8. Use Your Air Conditioning in Motion

Your car’s air conditioning system works most efficiently while in motion. Avoid pre-cooling your vehicle. Instead, on exceptionally hot days, engage the fan at its highest setting once you commence driving, and briefly crack open only the rear-seat windows for 10 to 20 seconds to expel the trapped hot air.

Use the Recirculation Mode

In certain situations, switching your air conditioning to recirculation mode can be more effective than allowing it to cool outside air, especially when it’s hot outside As you begin your drive, lower your car’s windows for a few minutes and set the air conditioning control to fresh air mode, allowing the trapped hot air to escape to the outside. If your vehicle has a sunroof, ensure it’s open as well. Since hot air tends to rise, this aids in expelling it more rapidly from the car. Subsequently, close the windows and shift the AC to recirculation mode for optimal cooling efficiency.

Staying Cool & Comfortable in Your Car

At APD, we understand the importance of a well-maintained Aircon system when driving. Following these tips and using our high-quality parts, you can ensure that your car’s Aircon operates at its best, providing a cool and comfortable car in the warm summer months. APD is your trusted partner in helping you to maintain your Aircon system. Explore our range of products that will help you stay cool, drive comfortably, and rely on APD for all your Aircon needs.

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